Automation, Conferences & Trade Shows

Automation: When Time is Valuable

At Avatara Software, we have a rule: If we do anything manually more than twice, we automate it. This seems obvious to other developers who are familiar with the use of build and deployment tools. However, this way of thinking often surprises our clients. We believe strongly in the power and value of automation and… [Read More]

AIM: Key Software to an Effective Tracking System

In every tracking system, description codes and cause codes are vital to the effectiveness of the system. Through such codes, teams can manage issues and take corrective action with speed and efficiency. In a healthy issue tracking system, a significant number of low level events are recorded each year. For example, the best performing nuclear power plants… [Read More]

Partners in Prevention 2017

On May 2-3 2017, we were a part of the Partners in Prevention 2017 Health and Safety Trade Show. This year, we showcased the changes and updates to our cloud based Action and Issue Management platform (AIM) to many of the trade show attendees. We loved receiving great feedback from our conversations and we look forward to connecting with… [Read More]

Partners in Prevention 2016

At the end of April, we exhibited at the Partners in Prevention 2016 Health and Safety trade show where we showcased our cloud based Action and Issue Management platform (AIM).  The show took place on April 26 and 27 at the International Centre in Mississauga.  This was our first time exhibiting at a trade show,… [Read More]